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Welcome to my website and store.  I have been collecting and researching Knights and the Medieval Period for over 20 years, and have written several books for collectors of Heraldic Miniatures.  I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to leave your feedback and comments.

Phil Bennett



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Introducing a NEW Title from

Lord Tankersvilles Knights Collector Books:

Collecting Miniature Heraldic And Toy Knights

The hardcover book highlights the work of Eleven of the best Heraldic Artists

and features a short biography & portfolio of photos of their heraldic miniatures.

*Brian Rodden *Jacques Cuypers *Bob Hornung *Cheryl Elfvengren *J.P. Thomas Jr.

*Richard Courtenay * Freddy Ping * Peter & Gilly Greenhill *Peter Cowan

*John & Catherine Braithwaite *Mario Venturi

* Hardcover, 10" x 8" Landscape Format, over 275 color photos

* 11 Artists biographies and photos of miniature knights.

* Priced at $85.00 includes shipping in USA

                        (Click here to Order - Ships on or about November 1)

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